Innovative NAA-based material analyser
Monday, 29 July 2013 07:49

Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA) is the technique used in the SWAN demonstrator of material analyser developed within the framework of the „AiD” project currently under accomplishment in NCBJ. That innovative device is capable to detect and identify hazardous materials e.g. explosives. Other advanced application scenarios include analysis of dusts emitted from smokestacks in power plants, determination of carbon heating value, check of quality of mined minerals or manufactured materials (cement), identification of toxic and/or radioactive waste. Main advantages of the developed device include flexibility, mobility, intuitive operation, and real-time data analysis. Special software algorithm worked out in NCBJ to compute experimental data helps to identify materials present in the tested sample/object.

Since both neutrons and gamma photons easily penetrate condensed matter, the NAA technique is capable to analyse hidden, hermetically sealed, or otherwise inaccessible materials.

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Project co-financed by European Union via European Regional Development Fund

Innovative Economy National Centre for Nuclear Research Eurpean Union