INLINE PN50 – Electronic X-Ray Source for Brachytherapy of Breast Cancer in Conservative Treatment

An innovative construction X-Ray source for intra-operative brachytherapy of breast cancers in conservative treatment is under development in NCBJ (National Centre for Nuclear Research) in Świerk, Poland. The source will feature a specially designed anode dedicated for radiotherapy of breast tumours. The optimized anode will be relatively robust to facilitate work of surgeons. Besides, an ergonomic shape of its housing will enable the physicians to situate anode tip very precisely within the cavity left over after resection of the tumour.

The INLINE-PN50 source is a complete system. Its main components include:

  • X-ray source itself (X-ray tube head with integrated control electronics, power supply)
  • control computer
  • chamber to test device parameters before the treatment
  • XYZ manipulator to precisely move the device head
  • applicators to precisely position X-ray tube anode tip within the treated cavity



The INLINE-PN50 source will typically find its applications to irradiate cavities left over after resection of tumours within the so-called “process boost step”. In some selected cased it may also be used to perform single-day radiotherapy, in which a 15-20 Gy dose may be delivered within a single-session treatment lasting from 10 to 30 minutes.

Parametry źródła:

  • anode bias voltage: 30-50 kV
  • anode current: 0-50 μA
  • needle-like anode dimensions: 6 mm dia, 100 mm long
  • X-ray head power supply: 12 VDC




Head of INLINE PN 50 demonstrator group

Eng. Piotr Mazerewicz, MSc
Interdisciplinary Applications of Physics Division (TJ2)
phone +48 22 71 80 434
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Project co-financed by European Union via European Regional Development Fund

Innovative Economy National Centre for Nuclear Research Eurpean Union