SWAN – Hazardous Materials Detection System

Hazardous Materials Detection System is the mobile device designed for detecting explosives and/or toxic materials concealed in monitored containers by means of neutron activation analysis. In a matter of minutes the device is capable of distinguishing toxic or explosive material from the one that is neutral and harmless. The device offers a noninvasive method for qualitative and quantitative isotopic analysis.


  • mobility
  • real time analysis
  • simplified and intuitive user interface
  • dedicated software and electronics

Principle of operation

  • sample activation with continuous flux of 14-MeV neutrons
  • observation of the distinctive neutron induced gamma-emmision from the activated sample
  • isotopes identification, materials recognition and threat classification




Head of SWAN demonstrator group

Dr. Michał Gierlik
Electronics and Detection Systems Division (TJ4)
tel. +48 22 71 80 603
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Project co-financed by European Union via European Regional Development Fund

Innovative Economy National Centre for Nuclear Research Eurpean Union