Coline 6 – advanced linear accelerator for modern radiotherapy Print
Coline 6

Low energy accelerator Coline 6 with 6 MV photon beam has been designed to treat the most common cancer types and to cover up to 80% of radiotherapy needs.

IntraLine – Accelerator for Intraoperative Radiation Therapy Print
IORT Intraoperative radiation therapy IntraLine is an innovative method of cancer treatment that can be applied to all solid tumors. IntraLine brings high dose radiation capability into the operating room, where it delivers a large single fraction dose of electron radiation directly to a surgically exposed tumor or tumor bed, when normal tissue and organs are removed from the field. By allowing the treated area to receive a higher dose of radiation, IntraLine may increase local control of cancer. IntraLine is also a shorter and less harmful treatment procedure then external radiotherapy, which is administered to patients in multiple fractions after a few months of adjuvant chemotherapy. IntraLine is an especially promising treatment for early-stage breast cancer, which may make it possible for many women avoid mastectomies.
INLINE PN50 – Electronic X-Ray Source for Brachytherapy of Breast Cancer in Conservative Treatment Print
INLNE PN 50 An innovative construction X-Ray source for intra-operative brachytherapy of breast cancers in conservative treatment is under development in NCBJ (National Centre for Nuclear Research) in Świerk, Poland. The source will feature a specially designed anode dedicated for radiotherapy of breast tumours. The optimized anode will be relatively robust to facilitate work of surgeons. Besides, an ergonomic shape of its housing will enable the physicians to situate anode tip very precisely within the cavity left over after resection of the tumour.
SWAN – Hazardous Materials Detection System Print
SWAN Hazardous Materials Detection System is the mobile device designed for detecting explosives and/or toxic materials concealed in monitored containers by means of neutron activation analysis. In a matter of minutes the device is capable of distinguishing toxic or explosive material from the one that is neutral and harmless. The device offers a noninvasive method for qualitative and quantitative isotopic analysis.
CANIS – Radiography X system Print
CANIS  CANIS system is dedicated for cargo screening in different localizations, including seaports and land borders. CANIS consists of interlaced energy electron linac 4MeV/6MeV and detector line. Electron beam hits the conversion target and high energy X-rays production occurs. Crated photons are attenuated by the examined goods and detected in the detector line located behind the truck or container. Signals from all detectors are converted to digital form and transferred to operator's PC, where the final image is created, line by line. Dual energy mode allows for Z-related coloring to achieve the highest efficiency of contraband detection. 

Project co-financed by European Union via European Regional Development Fund

Innovative Economy National Centre for Nuclear Research Eurpean Union