Coline 6 software positively previewed by radiotherapy experts
Tuesday, 07 May 2013 21:47

Some medical physicists practically involved in radiotherapy routinely performed in oncology centres accepted Ms. Kaja Swat's invitation to visit NCBJ to preview software developed for therapeutic line to be based on the Coline 6 medical accelerator. A two-day long meeting was organized in Świerk under the „Coline 6 software" label on April 8-9, 2013. Ms. Marta Kruszyna and Mr. Sebastian Adamczyk came from Wielkopolskie Oncology Centre, whereas Mr. Łukasz Dolla came from Oncology Centre in Gliwice.

The guests were shown the following operational modules of the therapeutic line: the "PlanW" Treatment Planning System, Patient Queuing System, Logging & Verification System, Imaging System, and Accelerator Control System. Requirements for such software applications used in a clinic environment were mutually discussed. The guests promised to work out expert opinions on the previewed software.

Our expert guests were quite impressed by works conducted in NCBJ. They positively evaluated functionality of the presented systems. Hints and remarks provided by them will surely help to further develop/improve the therapeutic line currently under development in NCBJ.







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