National Centre for Nuclear Research in Swierk is accomplishing the AiD project in co-operation with a few partners in the country and abroad.

Warsaw Technical University is our partner in the field of computer simulation of effects of ionizing radiation interaction with matter and influence of such radiation on some materials (in particular on structural elements of detectors and on electronic circuitry). Besides, that co-operation covers some issues in medical imaging, image data compression, integration of data transmission systems (in particular those optimized to the DICOM standard), and integrated elements dedicated for electronic circuitry that reads out the detectors.

Oncology Centres in the country and abroad are our very important partners in the medical part of the Project.

Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements in Warsaw is our partner in the field of precision mechanical systems dedicated for medical accelerators, in particular to precisely and repeatedly position accelerator Portal Imaging Systems. We are going to jointly develop a self-propelled chassis for intra-operative accelerator and a sub-subsystem to dock electron beam in open surgery field applicators.

Scandinova Swedish company, a leader in the field of solid-state HV technology, is our partner in the field of microwave power source modulators necessary to accelerate electrons to two different energies quickly switched over in real time. Such alternating energy beams are going to be employed in accelerators to be demonstrated as an equipment for border checkpoints in which large size cargo (trucks/containers) is scanned to detect illegal trafficking of prohibited/smuggled substances/materials/products.


Project co-financed by European Union via European Regional Development Fund

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