Warsaw Military University of Technology experts have evaluated the SWAN demonstrator and made some suggestions
Sunday, 02 June 2013 18:18

Capabilities of the TNAA technique as applied in scanners of hazardous materials and advancement of works on the SWAN scanner demonstrator were discussed during another panel meeting of experts organized on May 21, 3013 within the AiD project framework.

The panel organized by NCBJ Electronics and Detection Systems Division (TJ4) was chaired by Dr. Michał Gierlik, head of the SWAN demonstrator team in the TJ4 Division. The invited guests included Professor Zbigniew Bielecki, Colonel Janusz Mikołajczyk PhD, Major Jacek Wojtas PhD, and Eng. Norbert Pałka PhD from Warsaw Military University of Technology Institute of Optoelectronics, as well as Mr. Piotr Bazylewicz from the Pentacomp company. NCBJ was represented by Dr. Agnieszka Syntfeld-Każuch (Director of the NCBJ Nuclear Techniques & Equipment Department), Professor Maria Szeptycka, Eng. Stefan Korolczuk MSc, Tomasz Krakowski MSc, and Łukasz Kaźmierczak MSc.

The invited guests were presented the current state of works on the SWAN scanner demonstrator. They were in particular interested with construction of the SWAN detection system and the data acquisition procedure. Other questions were mainly related to practical capabilities of the device and its decision-making algorithms i.e. how the device classifies doubtful cases when scanned material could not be unanimously identified. False positive/negative incidence ratios are routinely specified by every manufacturer of any similar device offered on the market, therefore further tests of the SWAN demonstrator in order to determine those ratios are indispensable. SWAN ability to identify samples unknown to the operator will certainly have to be demonstrated at the next public presentation of the device.

The panel was extremely successful. It was a meeting of people with passion to similar Hi-Tech technologies. Future joint ventures and/or mutual cooperation may be anticipated.





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